Complete Guide: How to Install Django Project Step-by-Step

Complete Guide: How to Install Django Project Step-by-Step

To install Django projects, you typically follow a sequence of steps to set up your project environment, install Django, and then configure your project. Here's a simplified guide to get you started

Download Python

Make sure you have Python installed on your system. Django requires Python, and most Django versions depend on specific Python versions.

- To check if you have Python installed, open a terminal or command prompt and type:

 python --version

If you don't have Python installed or need a different version, download it from the official Python website and follow the installation instructions.

Create a python environment

A virtual environment is a self-contained directory that contains a Python installation for a particular version of Python, plus a number of additional packages. It's a best practice to use a virtual environment for your Django projects to avoid conflicts between project dependencies.

 - Navigate to the directory where you want to create your project. - Run the following command to create a virtual environment:

python -v venv env

To activate the virtual environment. If you are using on Windows: source env/Scripts/Activate.

If you are using on On macOS and Linux: source env/bin/activate

Install Django

With your virtual environment activated, you can now install Django using pip, Python's package manager.

-Run the following command to install Django: pip install django

Start a Django Project

After installing Django, you can start a new project with the following command:

django-admin startproject projectname

Run the Development Server

Navigate to your project directory and run the following command to start the Django development server

cd projectname python runserver

This starts a web server on `` (localhost:8000) by default. You can open this address in your web browser to see the default Django welcome page.

If you need more Django information, go to


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